Anandabhairavi Swarajathi – Raaveme

Learn the Anandabhairavi raga Swarajathi, Raaveme taught by Shri Chitravina N Ravikiran in this video lesson. The notation is provided in the Perfecting Carnatic Music Level 1 e-book.

Anandabhairavi is a highly evocative (rakti) raga and is an extremely important raga in our system of music. After the initial introduction to the Anandabhairavi geetham, Kamalasulochani, this Swarajathi will help you perfect Anandabhairavi  even further.

 You will hear some phrases of Anandabhairavi like P,P,DPMGM,M, PMGR  like in charanam 1 are often repeated in concerts, and is proof of the fact that these basic lessons can have a lasting impact on students who have blossomed into seasoned practitioners of music. The last avartanam of the charanam 2 is a great voice culture exercise because it skip-jumps several swarams.

For more information about the swarajathis, see the Kamas Swarajathi, Shambashiva. The Anandabhairavi swarajati is part romantic and part devotional, and has been composed in Telugu.

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