Carnatic Elementary Level Quiz – Find the notes in the phrase.

The audios are sung in G Sharp.
Please follow the guidelines and conventions outlined below when answering.


1) Listen to the audio carefully and type the swarams in the blank line below.
2) Do not include spaces between swarams.
3) Use capitals for madhyama sthayi (middle octave) notes and small case letters for either tara sthayi (upper octave) or mandra sthayi (lower octave) notes.
4) Use commas for karvais(sustained notes). Be sure to include as many commas as necessary for the karvai duration.
5) Karvai representation at end of akaaram type phrases are optional. However if the phrase is from a composition, karvais should be denoted explicitly.



Answer: GPDs,,,


(Note that caps have been used for G P and D as they are madhya sthayi and small case for shadjam which is tara sthayi. Commas at end represent karvais which are optional. Also note that there are no spaces between the notes.)

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