Gowla is the janya of 15th melakartha Mayamalavagowla. Its a very auspicious raga which is mostly sung in the early part of the concert. Raga is a Audava -Vakra-Shadava ragam which has 5 swarams in arohanam and 6 swarams in avarohanam with vakra(zig-zag) notes.

Arohana- S R1 M1 P N3 S
Avarohana-S N3 P M1 R G3 M1 R1 S
We can find many songs on Lord Ganesha in this ragam. The jeeva swaram or the important swaram is ‘R’which is sung close to ‘S’ where the beauty of the raga stands. Gowla is normally sung in mantra(lower octave) and madhya (middle octave) sthayi’s and one can find a lot of jandai prayogams (double note usages) too.

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