Chutamu rare-Arabhi – Thyagaraja

Learn the popular Arabhi raga krithi of Thyagaraja, Chuta murare in this video lesson taught guru Shri Chitravina N Ravikiran.The notation is provided here




This is a composition by Sri Thyagaraja in praise of the Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam. The Kriti is in Arabhi Raga and set to Roopakam Tala.In this Kriti, Thyagaraja mentions that Lord Ranganatha was worshipped by Rama(Seetapati) and hence this forms an evidence that this temple was present prior to Lord Rama. The Kriti has 3 charanams, only the last being covered here.

Lyrics of this Kriti

P : chootāmu rārē sudatulāra rangapatini

AP : seetāpati poojyuḍaṭa shrngāra shēkharuḍaṭa

C : āgama sanchāruḍaṭa akhila jagat pāluḍaṭa
tyāgarāja sannutuḍaṭa taruṇulāra Rangapatini

The first time, “Chootamu ” is to be used. Subsequently, it is replaced with “Jootamu” as part of Telugu grammar.

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