Looking to sign up top stars or talented names for your next classical or classical-fusion event or festival? Acharyanet Events is your one-stop-shop!


Acharyanet Events helps you pick vocalists, instrumentalists or ensembles for:
  • Weddings or other family events
  • Social events  
  • Professional or political conferences 
  • Corporate shows
  • International collaborations
  • Educational events incl lectures and Workshops
  • Motivational speakers
You can relax as soon as you communicate your vision to us!  It is as easy as 1, 2, 3! You just:
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  1. Completing the request form with details including event type, location, date and budget range.
  2. Please specify classical or contemporary, vocal or instrumental, music or dance.
  3. Acharyanet will follow up immediately with a phone discussion with you and recommend the best options based on your budget.
  4. Once you deposit the minimum amount, we will take care of the entire arrangement.
  5. Final payments to be made a day before the concert.
Organizers can also leave their rating for the artiste.


Please note:
You will be given full refund (minus processing/admin charges) if the concerts were cancelled because of the artists’ fault.
If the concert gets cancelled because of your fault, there will be no refund.
If the concert gets cancelled because of Acts of God, alternative dates will be explored or refund processed.

Organizers can also leave their rating for the artiste.

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