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Please make sure that you choose the Indian Currencyby clicking on the Indian Flag icon on the top right corner of the page before Add to Cart. If you are still having issues, please clear the cache and cookies from the browser, and try again.

Yes, our original service only supported downloads. Now we support streaming for a monthly subscription and allow downloads for a one-time payment as was done before. You can use the Add to Cart button on any page to purchase the video and the email with the download link will be sent to you after the payment.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by logging into your Acharyanet My Account tab and clicking on Cancel in the Subscriptions area. The change will become effective at the end of your subscription period.

There are two options:

  • You can sign up to become a monthly member and obtain an account to have access to over 230 video lessons taught by legends in Carnatic Music.  Your subscription renews automatically every month and you can view the lessons anytime, anywhere on any device. We also add new lessons frequently to our library so that you can benefit.
  • You may prefer to download lessons without becoming a member.  This may be useful if you are interested in learning only select  lessons and prefer to have your own private copy.
  • Some students want to have a membership and also have a copy of some lessons on their computers. This is also possible by signing up for a  membership and also choosing to download some lessons.

We offer the Perfecting Carnatic Music Level 1 and Perfecting Carnatic Music Level 2 syllabus for getting certification. This is to help motivate students towards goal oriented learning. There are Basic , Intermediate and Advanced levels in each of these levels. Students may apply for any level. See registration details.

Model questions are also provided. Once you register with us, we will send you the details for fee payment for the exam. Fees are 1000Rs for Indian students and $50 for students abroad. We will assign a date and time for the online exam and send you the results and certificate by email. The examiners are IFCM Faculty. A digitally signed certificate will be sent to the students after the exam is completed.

Yes, we can. Please go through the terms before applying. It would be helpful to include a small audio snippet. The application form is here.

You can use the search feature on the top menu or email and we can help you.

We have provided links to the notation wherever possible on the lessons page. If the notation is absent , it means we do not have it currently.

Send an email to or leave us a message at +14158004507.  Please give us a day or two to get back to you.

This request is usually not entertained since it is the responsibility of the purchaser to backup all downloaded lessons. It is very difficult to address individual requests such as these which involve considerable time and effort on our part.

Links are valid for a limited time period usually for a  week after which they expire. Its better to download all lessons within that time frame.

Heres a little perspective of our views on pricing of Acharyanet lessons and why we have not included the duration of lessons as a principle.

Lessons on Acharyanet like taught by legends like Tanjavur Shankara Iyer, R K Shrikanthan, Guru P S Narayanaswami, Chitravina Ravikiran and others are not measurable in time. Students are getting these invaluable lessons at anywhere between 50-200{b7955c42bc39fdf9760428d618341adac19cedc90c8f7d5e6434e3113a88252a} less than what they may have to spend even if top geniuses and legends agreed to teach them live.

Acharyanet is pricing all these so nominally since it is doing this project as pure selfless service to the art and culture. These friendly prices barely cover the enormous production and maintenance costs and are only possible because of the goodwill of top artists, tireless effort and passion of the Acharyanet Team and donations of well wishers and patrons.

As a matter of principle these priceless lessons will not be measured in Minutes and Megabytes as Acharyanet aims to rid the recent but unhealthy trend (among a small section of people) to equate price with quantity in time while the majority of passionate aspirants perceive and appreciate the immeasurable values of excellence, experience, educational impact that legends impart even in a matter of minutes.

Please email for all TaalAcharya related technical questions. Acharyanet will handle only payment related queries.

Please use the INR currrency option by clicking on the Indian Flag icon on the top right corner of the page. You will then be able to pay for the purchase in INR through the Razor Pay gateway which supports Indian Credit/Debit cards and NetBanking.