Nada Vidya Marmau – Kutcheri Secrets Unravelled by Guru Neyveli Santhanagopalan

Nada Vidya Marmau – Kutcheri Secrets Unravelled by Guru Neyveli Santhanagopalan

These masterclasses were recorded from a live session and are not included in the Subscription package. Please purchase these separately to gain access to the streamed video recording of the entire session.


The session was interactive with active participation from the members and lot of valuable tips and exercises were shared by the Guru.  The following topics were covered:

  1. Voice culture – Chord practice in various ragas and Jantai varisai practice in various ragas to get felicity in voice.
  2. Understanding Gamakas in Ragas like Thodi, Begada, Varali etc. Demonstration with Veena.
  3. Tala exercises to strengthen laya using varisais, alankarams and other patterns.Understanding Laya with help of jati patterns.
  4. Varnam practice methods – Demonstration in Tisram and khandam nadai.
  5. Approach to Raga Alapana and understanding with notation by using swara gyanam.
  6. Importance of Tanam and how to apply to various manodharma aspects like Kalpana Swara to improve creativity.
  7. Approach to Neraval.
  8. Viruttam singing – choosing appropriate ragas based on the lyrics.
  9. Jathi patterns…laya control, then nadai varieties.
  10. Approach to krithi selection for concerts.
  11. How to select the right kalapramanam/tempo for a composition.
  12. Question and answer session.


Comments from Participants:

“As a Rasika and with a limited technical knowledge on carnatic music,I had participated in the webinar from Sydney, where Guru Neyveli Santhanagopalan addressed some of the basic concepts in carnatic music.The webinar was interesting and useful for all levels of students and Rasikas alike.
Moreover,it was a God given opportunity for students to interact with a Great Personality like Guru Santhanagopalan sir.We are privileged indeed.

The webinar was organized with clockwise precision and Soumya was doing an excellent job as a moderator.
As Guru remarked,in today’s digital era,”you are your own Guru”….. One has to work-Practice,work -Practice; Music enlightenment is not an event that happens suddenly.Even more,Music is not a faith based tradition!!

The ancient system of Gurukula learning has been replaced to a great extent by E-learning.For most of us Google is a medium of Guru.This is where Acharyanet is doing a remarkable job in reaching out to people all around the world to educate and spread the love of music.

Lastly,I recommend to restrict the scope of webinar in future and have more number of subject based webinars rather than give a larger and general scope, since all levels of students/Performers/Rasikas may like to participate. As a starter,this is a commendable interaction with enough take away for all levels of participants.
Looking forward to more such opportunities.

Thanking you”

” As a student of Carnatic Music for close to 10 years, there are so many questions I have wanted to ask about our art: balancing tradition and creativity, insight into manodharma improvisation, etc. On a few occasions I was lucky to have been able to interact with Neyveli Santhanagopalan Sir under the auspices of workshops, concerts, etc. Having said that, this was a unique session in the sense that it allowed me to not only learn new ideas under his guidance, but also to gain his general insight on why our music is structured like this, how we adopt and create our own unique styles as musicians, and where the fine line is to make our music as effective in grasping the audience as possible. Additionally, it was interesting to see how so many students shared different ideas and thoughts for Sir to advise us about, and how each of those ideas took to further elaborated discussions and interactive demonstrations. In addition to the musical classes taken daily, I feel more sessions like these are necessary not to focus on hitting specific goal areas, but in general just to further our exploration of this vast art overall. “

“Thank you for organizing the ‘Nada Vidya Marmamu’ webinar. Neyveli sir provided many insights covering practicing chord exercises, laya exercises that can be implemented for different ragas, and practicing jathis, and also provided tips that can be applied for manodharma singing. It was a great experience learning from the great master.”

“Thanks a lot for organising this wonderful interactive session. It was really interesting, enlightening and informative with respected Santhanagopalan sir’s crisp and detailed explanation and demonstration!!

Look forward to more such educative sessions. “

“I was looking forward for the session from the time I registered.As the name of the session goes NADA vidhya marmamu,it is still a secret how every concert of eminent singers is so beautiful and always stays in our hearts.
It was a great opportunity to connect with Neyveli santhanagopalan sir who revealed different aspects of concert singing.He explained every questions of the participants so patiently and covered every basic concept from practice to presentation.The ideas and examples of Kalpana swaram and the swaram pattern excercise are very helpful.

Overall, thoroughly informative session that lasted for more than 3 hrs which is highly impossible in other platforms except through Acharya net.
Thanks to the whole team for doing such a great session.
Looking forward to more such musical events.”

“Thank you so much for the information. It is really very useful information shared about practicing for displacing 1, 2 and 3 notes for different nadais. Also how to approach Chords for the various ragas and all. “

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