Level 1 – Intermediate Level Exam – Based on PCM I – Model Paper

This is the model exam paper for the Perfecting Carnatic Music Level 2 exam conducted by Acharyanet.

Part 1 – Foundations (total 30 pts):

  • Name the seven swaras – 5 pts
  • Sustain karvai on S, P, & higher Ṡ (12 seconds with good quality for full points) – 5 pts
  • Melakartas (1-36) serial numbers, raga names, and arohanam/avarohanam of the ragas in one randomly selected chakram – 5pts
  • Identify 4 ragas from audios out of any 12 (given by student) from popular janyas list – 5 pts
  • Sing arohanam & avarohanam of 4 ragas from the same 12 janyas list – 5 pts
  • Identify 2 out of 5 vocalists (given by student) & 2 out of 5 instrumentalists from audios from Suggested listening list – 5 pts

Part 2 – Geetams (total 70 pts):

  • 7 geetams at random*, maximum with  one in Malahari (10 pts each)  (The syllabus includes first 15 geetams/tiruppugazhs from PCM- 1 book)
    • must give name of ragam, arohanam-avarohanam, and name of talam for each
      • At least one of the following questions to be asked in the exams
        • raga delineation
        • identify swaram for a phrase
        • sing swaram for a geetam
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