Level 1 – Prelim Level Exam – Based on PCM I – Sample Paper

Theory (30)
1. What are the three main parts of a tala ? How do you render them? (6 pts)

2. What is a gati and what are the 5 main kinds of gatis and how do you express them through musical syllables? (6 pts)

3. What is a melakarta and what is a janya raga? (6 pts)

4. Name any two yesteryear popular violinists and mrdangam artistes? (6 pts)

5. What is a sthayi, or octave? How many swarams are there in a sthayi? (6 pts)

Practical (70)
1. Sing Datu varishai (2nd varishai) in 2nd speed – akaram and 7th jantai in 1st speed swaram (10 pts)

2. Sing third Jantai varishai in 1st speed (only svaram) (10 pts)

3. Sing the 10th sarali varishai in 2nd speed (only akaram) (10 pts)

4. Sing 5th melsthayi varishai in 2nd speed (only svaram) (10 pts)

5. Sing Khanda Jati Ata talam alankaram in both speeds and Sankirna Ekam both speeds (10 pts)

6. Sing a few phrases in svaram in Mayamalavagowla and make the student repeat (10 pts)

7. Sing a few phrases in akaram in Mayamalavagowla and make the student repeat (10 pts)

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