Global Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi/Bach Competition 2019 – Online & Live

A great opportunity for talented Vocalists & Instrumentalists across the world!

Esteemed Judges

Junior/Senior Category can be chosen by the participant based on the criteria below. Age is not a criteria.

Senior Category: Those who have performed at least 45 minute concerts

Junior Category: All others

1. Register after reading and understanding the Rules.* (given below)

2. Submit your prelim entry online over youtube before 17th Oct, 2019 to

3. Those selected for Finals from:

(a) North America will participate live at the OVK-Bach Melharmony Festival @ Madison, WI on Nov 9 & 10

(b) Other parts of the world will participate online

4. Separate prizes for WINNERS of Live (on Nov 10) & Online categories. Results for all categories will be announced at the Melharmony Festival

5. The decision of distinguished judges will be final. If a student of a particular judge is participating, the other panelists will be called to judge that particular entry.


The contest is open to participants of any age. They will only be judged by the level they choose to be while registering as Senior or Junior. So, please take care to choose the Category.

Participants can register separately for both vocal and instrumental.

Preliminary Level:

1. Learn any 2 compositions of Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi preferrably from the list available in

2. Video Record any ONE song & upload to Youtube.

3. Submit your link (it should not be made public) by 17th October 2019 to


1. You will be informed if you’re selected for the finals by 24 Oct.

2. If so, you will be required to be present the other song. If you reside in North America, you will be required to attend the Finals at Madison, WI on Nov 9th/10th. Online participants may send their final youtube entry by Nov 7th to

3. Participants will be judged on the basis of good tonality, adherence to shruti, laya, raga grammar, lyrical accuracy & enunciation as well as thorough grasp of the sangatis and details.

Registration Fees: $35



Registration is now closed. Click here to see the list of finalists.