Past Masterclass Recordings

Access to recordings of previously conducted masterclasses is another self-learning option, similar to the subscription. The only difference is that these lessons are not included in the subscription plan and can be rented or bought individually. Many of the lessons were conducted in a live interactive classroom setting on zoom and include valuable insights and tips from the musicians.
This section also includes compositions of diverse composers, manodharma techniques and in-depth raga analysis and even laya exercises taught by legendary musicians like Dr Sriram Parasuram, Dr. Baby Sreeram, Vidwan Malladi Ravikumar, Vidushi Sankari Krishnan, Dr Ghatam Karthick and others.
Rental option offers limited duration access and Buy option offers lifetime access. Choose your learning option according to your needs.


Past Recordings

Acharyanet regularly conducts masterclasses with renowned musicians on zoom. These recorded sessions are available for purchase as a whole or individually. (These lessons are not included in the subscription.) Browse through the listing below and click to buy or rent and gain access.

Masterclass Recorded Lessons

Masterclasses by Sangeet Samrat Chitravina N Ravikiran

Shri Ravikiran regularly conducts masterclasses on the topics of Manodharma and Compositions. These recorded sessions are available for purchase in this section. (These lessons are not included in the subscription.) Browse through the listing below and click to buy or rent and gain access.

Acharyanet’s Self-Learning Courses

Why Choose This Course?

  • Customise your learnings.
  • Focus on learning one lesson at a time.
  • Get access to interactive masterclasses recordings to gain valuable insights from renowned musicians and learn from other students as well.
  • Buy the lesson and gain lifetime access to refer to anytime in the future.
  • Choose rent option to get discounted purchase options and complete your learning within a fixed duration.
  • Goal based focused learning within a limited time.

Self Learning Course

How To Buy Or Rent?

Browse Lessons

Browse through the catalogue of lessons and choose the course you want to buy or rent. When you buy, you get lifetime access to the streamed content and when you rent you get limited-time access.

Complete Payment

Complete the payment by using your credit card on the Vimeo Payment page. You can choose to buy certain courses or lessons as well as rent - mix and match as per your convenience and make the payment.

Start Learning

You will receive an email with the information to access your purchased content. If you have opted for an offline payment method through Razorpay for INR currency, please give us a few hours to activate your account manually.

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Acharyanet’s Self-Learning Courses


You can learn individual compositions or lessons on manodharma like raga alapana, kalpana swarams or tanam. You can also access recorded masterclasses conducted by legendary artists on specific composers or themes. The mini-courses allow you master compositions of a thematic set like Tyagarajas Pancharatnams.
Yes. Some lessons are available as a group and others are available for individual purchase.
For beginners, we recommend that you join live one-on-one classes. This section might not be suitable for your level.
Lessons cannot be downloaded but are available for life-time access.
The lessons available in this section are typically not available in the subscription due to license agreements and will have to be purchased individually as opposed to the subscription which offers access to over 400 lessons for a fixed monthly or yearly fee.
Please get in touch with us at support@acharyanet.com and we can help you with that based on your requirements.
Yes, they do. You are eligible for a 20% discount. Please contact support@acharyanet.com to request for your coupon.
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