Popular Varnams


Sangita Kalanidhi Chitravina N Ravikiran

Sangita Kalanidhi Chitravina N Ravikiran is a master musician, composer, guru who has made significant contributions spanning his career of over 45 years in the music field.

Learning varnams in the proper methodology are essential and fundamental part of a musicians journey.  In this course, Shri Ravikiran teaches many of the popular varnams with an emphasis to raga understanding and numerous tips and advice for students to improve their grasp on melodic and rhythmic aspects.  The course is a valuable resource for all students and contains the following lessons.


  1. Kalyani Ata Tala Varnam -Vanajakshi ninnekori
  2. Shankarabharanam ata tala varnam – Chalamela
  3. Chalamela – Nattakurinji Varnam
  4. Ento preme tone – Surati Varnam
  5. Surati Varnam – Enta prema tone – Pallavi Gopala Iyer
  6. Saveri varnam -Sarasuda
  7. Kedaragowla varnam – Sami daya jooda
  8. Shree varnam – Sami ninne
  9. Sahana Varnam – Karunimpa – Tiruvotriyur Tyagaiyer
  10. Begada varnam- Inta chalamu
  11. Navaragamalika varnam- Valachi vacchi