Annamacharya Compositions and Bhadrachala Ramadas Compositions


This video download contains a set of 6 Annamacharya krithis and 4 Bhadrachala Ramadas compositions taught by Malladi Ravikumar. Notations are provided. Please see the preview video below. Details of lessons covered in the session are also included in the description below.


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Sample Preview

The following Annamacharya krithis lessons are contained in this bundle.

  • Korudu namadi- Malahari – Annamacharya
  • Neevu devudavu- Sindubhairavi – Annamacharya
  • Harigolichiyu – Dharmavati – Annamacharya
  • Deenudanenu- Nilambari – Annamacharya
  • Needasula- Malayamarutam – Annamacharya
  • Navaneeta Chora- Jenjhuti – Annamacharya

The following Bhadrachala Ramadas lessons are contained in this bundle.

  • Rara na vennamudda – Khamas – Bhadrachala Ramdas
  • O Raghunandana- Kanada – Bhadrachala Ramdas
  • Bhavaye Pavamana- Bilahari – Bhadrachala Ramdas
  • Amma nannu brovave – Saveri – Bhadrachala Ramdas


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