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A revolutionary software for mastery over tala and tempo.
A first-of-its-kind visual Tala Guru & Assistant rolled into one.
Displays various talas in chosen tempo and speed (kalai). See demo here.
(Please allow for 24-48 hours time to obtain the license after purchasing the software. The software has been developed as a helpful tool for music students and we appreciate your patience.)

System Requirements
  • Windows
  • Hard disc space: 25 MB

You will need one license per machine/computer. If you wish to install on more than one machine please purchase more licences. The rates are discounted for multiple licenses.

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A revolutionary software for mastery over tala and tempo.


Carnatic Tala Software System Requirements

  • Windows
  • Hard disc space: 25 MB

Benefits across the board to:

  • Carnatic Musicians
  • Classical Dancers
  • Classical Music Students
  • Audiences
  • Institutions & organization
  • Exponentially raises the overall standards of rhythm in the entire Carnatic Music world.
  • Invaluable for music lovers to appreciate concerts even better.
Where to use
  • Home
  • Classes
  • Concerts
  • Music/dance rehearsals
  1. Basic Talas (Adi 1- 4 kalai and Roopakam)
  2. Chapu Talas ( Tishra, Mishra, Khanda & Sankeernam)
  3. 35 Talas (Dhruva, Mathya, Roopaka, Jhampa, Triputa, Ata, Eka in 5 Jatis 1 – 4 kalai)
  4. More than 25 different Tempo options
  5. Image Zoom in/out, Rotation, Move up/down, Hand/Front View.
  • Virtual Guru – teaches basic, chapu and 35 talas to beginners through visual display
  • Enhances laya sense enabling users to maintain tempo (kaala-pramanam)
  • Improves tala sense by marking time visually through beats, finger counts etc
  • Great tool for mastering challenging passages during practice even for performing vocalists and instrumentalists
  • Dons the role of a disciple/assistant for seasoned performers by keeping time in concerts
  • Excellent option for percussion students and performers to practice tani-avartanams
  • Reference point to gurus
  • Useful practice tool for dance students and performers
  • Excellent classroom tool to illustrate intricacies of rhythm
  • Research tool for scholars
  • Can introduce Carnatic tala system to musicians from other genres (Hindustani, Western, etc)
  • Organisations can enhance audience appreciation by screening Taal acharya over projectors live in instrumental concerts
  • Excellent visual alternative to Click Track in recording studios
  • Innovative, must-buy tool for music lovers to enjoy concerts infinitely better

Conceptualized and copyrighted by: Vanitha & Krishnan Suresh and Chitravina N Ravikiran

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1 machine, 2 machines, 3 machines


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