Padams and Javalis Master Class Video Download


This is a live recording of the Padams and Javalis Master Class conducted by Sangeet Samrat Chitravina N Ravikiran. Please see the preview video below. Details of topics covered in the session are also included in the description below.  The purchase includes the complete video download of all 6 lessons taught in the session.


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Preview Video

Padams and Javalis taught in the session:
1) Samayamide – Mayamalavagowla – Javali – Pattnam Subramanya Iyer
2) Alagite – Huseni – Padam – Kshetragyna
3) Marubari – Khamach – Javali – Dharmapuri Subbarayer
4) Valapu dacha – Varali – Padam – Kshetragyna
5) Emi Mayamu – Khamboji – Javali – Pattabhiramayya
6) Vadiga gopaluni – Mohanam – Padam – Muvanallur Sabhapati


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