Ravikiran Compositions

Ravikiran Compositions

Sangita Kalanidhi Chitravina N Ravikiran – Prodigious Musician and Prolific Composer

Chitravina N Ravikiran (born 1967) is a prodigious musician and prolific composer. Ravikiran has handled various traditional Carnatic forms like kriti, varnam, tillana, javali and padam as well as North Indian forms like bhajans and folk forms like chindu. He has also innovated a form called swarakrti. He is also a rare example of a composer to have used five languages – Sanskrit, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Hindi. Most of his compositions include the signature phrase (mudra), Ravi-Shashi and a few rare ones sport the word, Ravikiran. He has also composed practice forms for students such as geetams. Some of his popular compositions are included here.

Ravikiran Compositions

  1. Kalaimahale – Hindolam
  2. Sarasanayana – Varali
  3. Devamanohari Varnam – Manchi Samayamide – Chitravina N Ravikiran
  4. Arulavendum – Devamanohari – Chitravina N Ravikiran
  5. Dayanidhe- Shankarabharanam – Chitravina N Ravikiran
  6. Dehamenduku – Saranga – Chitravina N Ravikiran
  7. Kamaneeyamaina – Paras Adi Tala Varnam – Chitravina N Ravikiran
  8. Ranganayaka – Kaanada – Chitravina N Ravikiran
  9. Sankatahara – Malayamarutam – Chitravina N Ravikiran
  10. Sarigadamma – Keeravani – Chitravina N Ravikiran
  11. Teeya manangalil – Hamsadhwani – Chitravina N Ravikiran
  12. Thillana in Katyayani – Chitravina N Ravikiran


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