Sadashiva Brahmendra Compositions

Sadashiva Brahmendra was a saint and Carnatic Music Composer who lived in the 18th Century. He composed mainly in Sanskrit and although only few of his compositions are available today, they are very popular. In this course, Sangita Kalanidhi Chitravina Ravikiran has taught some of the great composer’s compositions with detailed explanations of the raga lakshanas as well.


Sadashiva Brahmendra,

  1. Bhajare gopalam – Hindolam – Sadasiva Brahmendra
  2. Chetashree ramam- Surutti – Sadashiva Brahmendra
  3. Pibare rama rasam- Yamuna kalyani – Sadashiva Brahmendra
  4. Khelati mama hrdaye- Atana – Sadashiva Brahmendra
  5. Smaravaram varam- Sindubhairavi – Sadashiva Brahmendra