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Join our other Happy Learners!

Since I shifted I was finding it difficult to continue. With the help of Acharyanet, I’m back to pursuing music again! Amazing music…absolute gems!
Suchitra lata, Bangalore, India
A great source for rare varnams… The teaching is very clear and easy to follow… No less than a direct lesson!
Dr Sahithi Kuravi, Birmingham, UK
Invaluable resource of high-level content for every student in any part of the world
Emilija, Slovania
I find the lessons very helpful. I consider myself blessed that I get an opportunity to learn the lessons through great videos and audios which offer a wide range
Shreyaa, Bangalore, India
Helps the learner to firm up the foundation and easily glide to the advanced lessons. A stupendous effort!
Sree, Bangalore, India
My daughter has been downloading classes from Acharyanet for the last few years and benefited tremendously.
Jaya Sridhar, Minnesota, USA
I have purchased Swaroopa Pancha Nadai Korvai – Advanced Laya Presentation. This is a lesson every musician should have to expand his/her World of rhythm. This is the only site with this tipe of material.
António Silva, Portugal
From simple geetams in core ragas like Begada and Dhanyasi to advanced improvisation techniques… useful to teachers as well as performing level students.
Seetha Chandrashekhar, Dallas, USA
The prices are very reasonable… great experience with the customer service!
Priya Sekhar, Texas, USA
Premium lessons at non-premium prices… amazing customer support…
Vanitha, Wisconsin, USA
..offers books with notations that facilitate the beginner to obtain a strong foundation and the versatile to reinforce their techniques. ..offers a variety of music lessons offerings that can fit the needs of a range of music learners…
Saras Saraswathi, Qatar, Doha

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can benefit from Acharyanet lessons?

There are many free resources for learning Carnatic Music that can be found online. Acharyanet is unique in that the Carnatic Music Lessons offered on the site are high quality comprehensive video lessons taught only by renowned gurus in Carnatic Music. Whether you are a student, teacher or performer, there are many ways to benefit from Acharyanet and become a better musician or teacher. Whether it is strengthen your fundamentals like varisias and geethams, improve your repertoire in varnams or krithis of great composers or to master advanced concepts in manodharma, you will find all the relevant lessons here. here.



Why was Acharyanet founded?

For passionate students of Carnatic Music, the hurdles to learning are many. Some don’t find the right teachers, or live in remote places where access to lessons are difficult or the hectic schedules prevent them from doing justice to learning effectively. Acharyanet was founded to give another effective venue for students to learn the right way from great gurus, all from the comfort of their homes. It is not meant to replace learning from a guru in person, but more to supplement and strengthen fundamental concepts and help one practice effectively. All video lessons are recorded with a student audience with a comprehensive format including explanations of ragas and other releveant information about the composer and composition.



How can I benefit from Acharyanet?

Carnatic Music is a challenging art form that is best learned from a knowledgeable Guru in live one-on-one sessions. Acharyanet is a supplemental form of learning which offers comprehensive video lessons from stalwarts in music that helps one to improve their knowledge. By combining both live classes and the reference material from Acharyanet video lessons, one can make substantial progress in learning Carnatic Music. It is very important to master the fundamental concepts with the guidance of knolwedgable gurus. The lessons on Acharyanet can help one understand many important concepts from saralivarisai practice to manodharma.



I would like to try out the subscription for Free first before joining. Is that possible?

Definitely, that’s why we have the Free Trial. Click on any lessons from our catalgoue to see previews of that lesson. Once you have explored all the lessons,you can click on the Start the Free Trial. (For non-Indian residents) to start your free trial. Use your card or netbanking to start your membership.

For Indian residents, the Free Trial can be found here.


Does Acharyanet have live classes?

No. The lessons on the site are all video lessons taught by great gurus. Once you become a member, you will be able to learn from them at your own time and convenience. Many important concepts are covered in the lessons which are useful to both beginner and advanced level students. We highly recommend that you also learn from a live teacher to supplement your learning.



Can I download lessons from the site?

This feature is no longer available.



What other services does Acharyanet offer for members?

We care about our members and want them to have the best learning experience. Acharyanet members are invited to join our closed Whatsapp group and Facebook groups where they can share thoughts about music, useful resources and renditions of lessons learned from the site. We also invite members to join online events, webinars and live events that help them interact with musicians and improve their knowledge.



Can I pay yearly and save some money?

Definitely! You can save as much as 30{b7955c42bc39fdf9760428d618341adac19cedc90c8f7d5e6434e3113a88252a} with a yearly plan versus monthly plan.



For Indian users, can they use Netbanking to join the Acharyanet Subscription?
You need a credit/debit card to start your Acharyanet subscription. However, if you do not have that option and need to use only netbanking, please email and we can help you.

What level do I have to be to learn the lessons on Acharyanet?

The lessons are for everyone right from beginner to advanced. We have the Perfecting Carnatic Music Level 1 and 2 for the Beginner and Intermediate levels that follow a syllabus and certifications. The rest of the material on the site is available for learning at your speed and convenience.



Can I cancel my account if I’m not using it?

Absolutely! You can cancel anytime and come back and join when you are ready for more learning.

Can I sign up with the INR payment even if I’m not an Indian Resident?

No. It is a requirement that INR payments can only be transacted by individuals resident in India.


Terms of Use


Acharyanet strives to make learning affordable for our learners around the world. Our goal is to archive and document  the valuable lessons from great masters so that students all over the world can access them at a fraction of the cost. Our pricing is chosen to help us bring more valuable lessons to you and help us maintain and cover development costs.

If you are a free or new user on Acharyanet, the pricing that is displayed will be activated when you subscribe. Acharyanet will honor the pricing so long as you remain a paid active subscriber, but in the event you miss a payment, cancel your subscription, or choose to reactivate or renew at a later time, the price of your Acharyanet subscription will be at the then-applicable Acharyanet price.

Acharyanet reserves the right to verify that the conditions of this offer are met in order to honor this  pricing, and this offer remains subject to your agreement of the Acharyanet Terms of Use.

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