The lessons on this page are included in the Perfecting Carnatic Music Level 1 Course.



  1. Anandabhairavi Swarajathi – Raaveme
  2. Rave himagiri -Todi – Shyama Sastri
  3. Kamas Swarajathi -Shambashiva
  4. Amba kamakshi -Yadukulakambhoji Swarajathi – Shyama Sastri


Swarajathis are comprised of Pallavi, Anupallavi and several Charanams in the Swara-Sahityam format. Only the sahityam for the pallavi and anupallavi are generally rendered, but the swarams and the sahityam are rendered for the charanams. Although Swarajathis are taught before Varnams, this particular one is more difficult than traditional Varnams. The structure of the swara-sahitya charanams of swarajathis are similar to that of the Thyagaraja Pancharatnams or the OVK Saptaratna krithis and hence are a great precursor to learning these masterpieces.