“Tamizh Isai Ula” Masterclass by Isai Peroli Sikkil Gurucharan

“Tamizh Isai Ula” Masterclass by Isai Peroli Sikkil Gurucharan

These masterclasses were recorded from a live session and are not included in the Subscription package. Please purchase these separately to gain access to the streamed video recording of the entire session. See the preview below.


List of songs taught in the Tamizh Isai Ula workshop

Please refer to lyrics here.

  1. Song from Kuruntokai – A classical love poem from The Sangam Era – Ragam Brindavani
  2. Song from Purananooru – A Sangam poem written by Kaniyan Poongundran – Ragam Shanmukhapriya
  3. Silapathikaaram – A collection of verses from one of the episodes in this epic by Ilango Adigal. To be sung in Sempaalai Pann and free style (Iyarpa). In other words, like the modern day Virutham.
  4. Tirukkural Verses from Chapter 65 – Power of speech. Tuned by  Shri Chitravina  N Ravikiran.
  5. One Tevaram and a Divyaprabandam
  6. Song by Kudhambai Sidhar- Folk melody from the early 15th century.
  7. Modern compositions like
    1. Nal Vazhkaiye vendum – Kokila – Dandapani Desikar
    2. Ninaippadeppodu nenje- Nadanamakriya – Vedanayagam Pill
    3. Manadhil urudhi Vendum – Behak- Subramanya Bharati
    4. Yaarukkuthan theriyum – Devamanohari – Gopalakrishna Bharati

In addition to learning these songs, the workshop had discussions about how Tamizh was used from the Sangam Era till now, to propagate various themes and messages to the people.

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