Tanjore Quartet Course


The Tanjore Quartet comprised of the renowned musicians and composers for music and dance namely Ponniah, Chinnaiah, Sivanandam and Vadivelu. They were students of the great composer Muthuswamy Dikshitar and adorned the courts of various kings. Consequently , as a tribute to their guru, the Tanjore Quartet used the signature Guru Guha Dasa in their compositions. Their pada varnams, thillanas and javalis are also popular in dance presentations.


Lessons taught by Sangita Kalanidhi Chitravina N Ravikiran.


  1. Chelinenetlu – Paras – Tanjore Quartet
  2. Sarasaninnu – Kapi Varnam – Tanjore Quartet
  3. Thillana – Mandari – Tanjore Quartet
  4. Satileni – Purvikalyani – Tanjore Quartet
  5. Amba Neelambari – Neelambari – Tanjore Quartet
  6. Muttavaddura – Saveri Javali
  7. Bhakta palana – Keeravani – Tanjore Quartet
  8. Mayateetha – Mayamalavagowla – Tanjore Quartet