Do you want to enroll in Online Classes? Fill out this form and we will assign you a Faculty for you.

  1. Acharyanet will help subscribed members find a teacher for live classes.
  2. Classes may be held on Skype, Hangouts, Phone or other online media based on the guru’s convenience.
  3. Sessions are not based on time but on portions based on guru’s assessment of how much a student can digest in a class. Typical classes could range from 25 minutes to even an hour.
  4. Fees will range from 20-75 USD for non-Indian resident students and 400-1800Rs per session for Indian Students. This will depend on faculty availability, seniority  and other factors.
  5. Additional Course material like Video Lessons and E-books must be downloaded as recommended by the gurus. Students will be able to learn fastest when they listen repeatedly to the Video Lessons specially created for accelerated learning. Likewise, taking Extra-Courses Live or Online as recommended by gurus will also boost the learning process.
  6. Students must practice regularly everyday and finish all assignments given by gurus.
  7. Since most of IFCM faculty are busy performers and gurus, classes are generally scheduled as per guru’s convenience but effort will be made to accommodate student’s logistical realities, whenever possible.
  8. Once a student specifies whether to learn as a hobby or has performing/teaching aspirations, courses, practice schedule etc will be tailored accordingly by gurus. What lessons are taught in which order etc will be solely based on guru’s judgement of what is best for each student. It would be self-defeating for students and/or parents to come up with their own suggestions/recommendations on what needs to be taught or how.
  9. Students are required to pay in advance for every month/quarter.
  10. Students are advised to be regular and not cancel classes because ONLY classes cancelled due to schedule conflicts of gurus or due to health or emergencies of students will be made up.
  11. Any public appearance of a student (including competitions/composer day celebrations/mini concerts etc) must be with the prior consent of the guru, since it is in the best interests of the students that they be presented only when they are musically ready.
  12. Faculty assigned to a student could be occasionally changed by IFCM based on logistics but this will not impact on the student since style or syllabus will generally be the same.
  13. Though we are the pioneers of Tele-Teaching in Indian Music with a proven track record of excellence, we strongly recommend that students also make efforts to learn live from Faculty whenever logistically possible.