Baagumeera – Shankarabharanam – Veenai Kuappaiyer

Learn the Veenai Kuppayyer krithi in raga Shankarabharanam, Baagu meera, from guru Shri Chitravina N Ravikiran. The notation is provided in the Perfecting Carnatic Music Level 2 e-book.

1 thought on “Baagumeera – Shankarabharanam – Veenai Kuappaiyer”

  1. I had wonderful experience of learning Veenai kuppaiyer’s Geetham, Varnam and Krithi combo in Shankarbharanam.
    Perhaps because of the same composer, the design of all 3 pieces, Viz. Geetham, Varnam and Kruthi gave a very enriching knowledge and experience of shankarabharanam.

    I wonder if in other 5 major ragams also such as thodi, Kalyani, Kambodhi, bhairavi … , the same kind of combo , one composer say Dikshidar composed Geetham, varnam and small kruthi were to be available, it will be very very beneficial for aspirants like me! Thank you.

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