10 Great Tips to Learn Carnatic Music Online

The best way to learn Carnatic music is undoubtedly the age-old way of learning face to face with a reputable Guru. Over a period of many years of sustained training with the Guru, the student obtains a deep understanding of core musical values including style and aesthetics. During the earlier [...]

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Voice Culture in Raga Keeravani

Voice Culture in Carnatic Music includes among other factors, a deep-rooted knowledge of ragas. In this video recorded master class conducted by Guru Chitravina N Ravikiran, the topic of voice culture is explained with  examples in Raga Keeravani. As the demonstration includes phrases which are gradually developed in this raga, [...]

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Carnatic Voice Culture Requirements

The following points are taken from an interview session with Maestro Chitravina N Ravikiran on the topic of Voice Culture. Additional lessons on the topic of Voice Culture are found on Acharyanet in all categories from Basics to Advanced. These links will be provided at at the appropriate places in [...]

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An ode to Music – An article in The Femina Magazine

Below is an excerpt from the Femina article that featured the interview with Sowmya Acharya, founder of Acharyanet.com.If you love Music but had to move abroad and do not find the right teacher what would you do? Well it was precisely this situation that Sowmya Acharya faced when she was [...]

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