Navaratri Renditions From Around the Globe

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Acharyanet invited students to share their renditions for the Navarathri Festival by recording a song learned from our site and sending it to us. We received a very good response from students all over the world and have shared their presentations here. The goal was to motivate students to learn, practice and present and improve their musical skills. We congratulate each and everyone of the contestants and wish them all the best in the musical journey.

Congratulations to the winners! We thank our judges Shri Vishaal Sapuram and Smt Ananya Ashok for their valuable inputs.
Advanced Level Winners – Kamakshi Navavaranams of Oothukkadu Venkata Kavi Shrinath Hariharan – Violin – 1st prize Madhumita Satyanarayanan – Vocal – 2nd Prize Ananya Samhita – Vocal – 3rd Prize
Intermediate Level Winners – Krithis Nihal Josyula – Vocal – 1st prize Arjun Suresh – Vocal – 2nd Prize Padmalatha Anand – Vocal – 3rd Prize
Basic Level Winners – Geethams Arvind Salem – Vocal – 1st Prize Adithya Karthikeyan – Vocal – 2nd Prize Sahithya Karthikeyan – Vocal – 3rd Prize
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