Shobhillu – Jaganmohini – Thyagaraja

Learn the popular Thyagaraja krithi in raga Jaganmohini, Shobillu, from guru Shri Chitravina N Ravikiran. The notation is provided in the Perfecting Carnatic Music Level 2 e-book.




In this krithi, Sri Thyagaraja extols the purity and the beauty of Nadopasana( worship through music ) equating Naadopasana to vEdOpaasana. This explains to any ardent music follower that Nadavidya is the best medium for an involved worship.

The kriti beautifully brings out the fact that the sapta Swaras are the governing deities of the four Vedas and the heart of the sacred Gayathri mantra which guides the good hearted souls,Brahmans who recite the Vedas and Sri Thyagaraja himself who constantly sings the praises of the supreme.

The seven Swaras form the base of NAdavidya. Each of these Swaras are presided by deities who reside in abdomen,heart ,the vocal chords,tongue and nose of the human body.
The musician who knows this will be very devoted and would consciously worship the presiding deities by singing the saptaswaras in the right places.
The music that is then brought out will be pure to please the presiding deities who shine resplendently in their brilliance.This devotion pleases the supreme himself which is in turn equivalent to pleasing the supreme with the right prayers as mentioned in VEdOpaasanaA. (Writeup contributed by Ragini Sanath)

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