Certifications from Basic to Advanced

General Information

  • 01

    Registration: Each student wishing to take the Carnatic Music Certificate Course examination has to register with www.acharyanet.com by paying the appropriate registration fee.

  • 02

    Fees are 50USD/1000INR for Level 1 exams and 60USD/1200INR for higher level exams of any type.

  • 03

    The exams are open to any student at any part of the world but will typically be conducted in collaboration with a local institution or organization.

  • 05

    Typically, the examination will be conducted online on Skype.

  • 06

    Students will be informed well in advance of the date.

  • 07

    Each student has to provide a list of lessons and compositions learnt and questions will be based on that.

  • 08

    Students could be quizzed on both the lyrics and swaras of any piece or any part of a piece as also related information such as the arohana-avarohana of the raga, its parent raga, composer (wherever such info has been given).

  • 09

    Duration per student would be about 15-30 minutes for practical and theory.

  • 10

    Marks will be awarded to all levels of students based on accuracy of pitch, tempo and tala, tonal clarity, pronunciation, raga structure (with gamakas) as well as theoretical knowledge.

  • 11

    For advance level, students will also be graded based on fidelity to sangatis in songs and creativity in alapana and kalpana swaras.

  • 12

    Student has to ensure that the sruti is audible to the examiner. Online sruti might pose a problem.

  • 13

    This is not an open-book exam.

  • 14

    Registration Fees will not be refunded under any circumstances; however a postponement of the exam date will be considered up to ONE month maximum, if circumstances necessitate that.

  • 15

    Examiners will be noted musicians and/or gurus and their decisions will be final.

Certification & Score Grade

Certificates will be awarded to each successful candidate, with appropriate grading, based on the performances of students.

90 & Above







Very good



Below 50

Note: A student can take up to 3 exams for any given level and improve upon his or her previous results.
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