Exams & Certification

Acharyanet offers various levels of exams for testing proficiency in skillsets in both theory and practice. Both vocalists and instrumentalists may prepare for the exams based on the syllabus outlined below. Students may complete the registration form and give their details to schedule an exam date. The exam will be administered by experts who will conduct the exam online on the topics included in the syllabus. Students will be assessed on their ability to answer the questions accurately and will be assigned a grade and a certificate which will be sent by email within 2 week of the exam date. 

Curriculums are based on Perfecting Carnatic Music Level 1, Perfecting Carnatic Music Level 2 and other courses. 

General Information

  • 01

    Registration: Each student wishing to take the Carnatic Music Certificate Course examination has to register with www.acharyanet.com by paying the appropriate registration fee.

  • 02

    Fees are 50USD/1000INR for Level 1 exams and 60USD/1200INR for higher level exams of any type.

  • 03

    The exam is open to any student at any part of the world but will typically be conducted in collaboration with a local institution or organization.

  • 05

    Typically, the examination will be conducted online via Skype.

  • 06

    Students will be informed well in advance of the date.

  • 07

    Each student has to provide a list of lessons and compositions learnt and questions will be based on that.

  • 08

    Students could be quizzed on both the lyrics and Swaras of any piece or any part of a piece as also related information such as the Arohana-Avarohana of the Raga, its parent Raga, composer (wherever such info has been given).

  • 09

    Duration of the examination per student would be about 15-30 minutes for practical and theory.

  • 10

    Marks will be awarded to the student based on accuracy of pitch, tempo and Tala, tonal clarity, pronunciation, Raga structure (with Gamakas) as well as theoretical knowledge.

  • 11

    For advance level, students will also be graded based on fidelity to Sangatis in songs and creativity in Alapana and Kalpana Swaras.

  • 12

    Students have to ensure that the Sruti is audible to the examiner. Online Sruti might pose a problem.

  • 13

    This is not an open-book exam.

  • 14

    Registration Fees will not be refunded under any circumstances; however a postponement of the exam date will be considered up to ONE month maximum, if circumstances necessitate that.

  • 15

    Examiners will be noted musicians and/or gurus and their decisions will be final.

Certification & Score Grade

Certificates will be awarded to each successful candidate, with appropriate grading, based on the performances of students.

90 & Above







Very good



Below 50

Note: A student can take up to 3 exams for any given level and improve upon his or her previous results.
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