Acharyanet Vishwa Gurukulam 
Faculty Training Program (FTP) & 
Independent Teachers Training Program (ITTP)

The Acharyanet Vishwa Gurukulum is excited to announce availability of  Faculty positions for Vocal, Veena, Chitravina, Violin, Flute, Guitar, Keyboard, Nadaswaram and other instruments.  Quality artists who are passionate about teaching and following our syllabus and standards may apply and enroll for our FTP,  upon initial selection.  We also offer Certificate Courses to those who wish to teach independently following our syllabus and ideals.(IITP)

The two key phrases of our Academy are:  perfection with correctness and self-enjoyment.  Our mission is to ensure that Tuition (Vidya) develops Intuition (Gnyana) among students. 

Our Perfecting Carnatic Music series of courses have been formulated by Sangeet Samrat Chitravina N Ravikiran with inputs from giants such as Shri Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer, Smt T Brinda, Smt D K Pattammal and Shri Lalgudi Jayaraman, to name a few.  We strive to uphold the highest standards of excellence, integrity to the art and instill basic values of life including discipline, focus, timeliness and sincerity among students besides teaching music.  We will expect each one of our faculty to set personal examples to inspire students.  

Eligibility and Modus Operandi

Experience and Knowledge:  Vocalists and Instrumentalists between 18-60 from any part of the world can apply. (Exceptions can be made in extraordinary cases.)

PRIMARY: Should know atleast 10 Geetams, 2 Swarajatis, 5 Varnams & 15 Krtis, Raga and Gamaka grammar.
MIDDLE: Should know all the above plus extra 3 Varnams and 10 Krtis, 2 Tillanas; Comfort in Alapana & Swaras.

Selection will be based primarily on the quality of your music as well as your attitude towards the art & perfection and clarity of thought and communication.  Other important qualities include sincerity, passion to inspire students and readiness to carry out all associated responsibilities as our Academy's Faculty in a timely fashion and ease to work with as a person.  Our Academy in turn will project you and the students trained by you appropriately and pay you salaries commensurate with your AIR grading, seniority, popularity and the extent of your engagement with our mission and vision. 

Upon initial selection, you will need to score above 80% in the Acharyanet Teacher Training Course Exams to be placed as our faculty.  Those who score 60% - 80% will receive Acharyanet Educator Certificates as independent gurus.

What will you Learn

Broadly, you will be trained in not only what to teach but also how to teach. It is important for you to be thorough with the key points made in each lesson/raga/song and also be masters at communicating with people of different age groups or musical levels. This includes:

  • Learning the best strategies and practices for teaching and inspiring students with firmness, yet friendly attitude.
  • Developing a passion for perfection with correctness and self-enjoyment yourself and inspiring students to do so.
  • Skills for conducting assessments and giving valuable feedback.

Course Materials and Sessions: You will be given access to E-books and video lessons of: 

How to Enroll:

  • Click on the Enrol button below and choose the course you wish to train for. 
  • Once we receive your completed application form and music samples, we will inform you if you qualify for these courses and send you further instructions and details to enrol for the course.
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