Acharyanet Alapana Contest

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The beauty of Carnatic Music is to bring the essence of a raga in even a few seconds. Acharyanet ran an online one minute alapana contest to test the ‘sense of essence’ with respect to raga bhava, swaroopa and the whole life of a raga!

Partcipants were judged two categories Junior Ages 8-15 and Senior Ages 16-24. The contest was judged by eminent panel of judges including Acharya Ratnakara, Hanumad Gana Shiromani Shri Chitravina Narasimhan, Sangeeta Kala Acharya Smt Neela Ramgopal and Ganakalashree Smt M.S Sheela.

We also had a popularity award for good singers who received the most number of votes and of course a special mention to the ‘Below-Age 8’ category participants who show great promise in blossoming into good musicians.

The goal of the competition was to encourage youngsters to dive into the ocean of music, explore and discover the facets of bringing out a raga essence in a short time. We congratulate each and every participant for being a winner in this discovery process.

The winners will receive Acharaynet Memberships and access to many prized lessons taught by great masters. We hope they will be inspired and encouraged to continue their journey in music with the guidance and blessings of their mentors and gurus.

Samanvi Hebbar – Junior 1st prize

Dhruv Pathangi - Junior 2nd prize

Sanjay Suresh- Junior 3rd prize

Archana Upadhyaya- Senior 1st prize

Pranav Kikkeri- Senior 2nd prize

Nandini Sridhar Senior 3rd prize

Sruthi Ramesh-Junior Popularity Prize

Madhumita Satyanarayanan-
Senior Popularity Prize

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