How Can One Practice the 12 Notes in Carnatic Music Sequentially?

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Question from Student:
Namaste Guruji, Could you please share, what is the practice for singing 12 Notes correctly at a stretch in ascending and descending order?
Answered by Shri Chitravina N Ravikiran
I would not recommend singing the 12 notes chromatically. . That is not an ideal practice for Carnatic or even in Hindustani. We need to really look at ragas. When learning from Day 1, if you are able to start looking at Ragas and training our voices to suit the ragas, that is the best voice culture. That’s why I emphasize that voice culture really begins with mind culture and mind culture begins with ear culture. The ear culture has to be under very good Gurus or good musicians. Otherwise the ear is trained in the wrong way , the mind in turn learns the wrong way and we have misinformation or not enough information and we will never be able to culture voice properly also. When I say voice it also includes hands for instrumentalists. We have to be careful how we approach the music rather than from just a technical standpoint.
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