Ham Ho Gaye Safal: A Song of National celebration by Bhushan Toshniwal

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On 23rd August at 6:04 PM IST, India became the 4th country to land on the moon, and the first ever country to land on the South Pole. This year, India is the president of the G20 conference. To celebrate these and other Indian achievements over the few decades, Sangeet Samrat Shri Chitravina N Ravikiran  came up with the song Ham Ho Gaye Safal. He penned the lyrics for this song, just within an hour of Chandrayan 3’s successful landing on the moon. The song has been performed by multiple artists, including many celebrities, and upcoming talents like Shri Kunnakudi Balamurali Krishna, Shri Bangalore Amrit, Smt Deepika Varadarajan,Shri Sikkil Gurucharan, Dr M Narmadha, Smt Bangalore Lakshmi Nagaraj, Shri M A Krishnaswami, Dr Ghatam Kartik, Shri Flute Balasai, Dr Usha Rajagopalan, Smt Vasudha Ravi, Smt Trivandrum N J Nandini, Smt Akkarai sisters, Shri K V Prasad, Shri Sai Vighnesh, Smt Anahita and Apoorva Ravindran, Shri Pathangi Brothers, Shri Sarvesh Kartik, among others. Shri Ravikiran himself was the director of the entire orchestra.

Journey of the song

Shri Ravikiran said, “I generally set my lyrics to my own original tunes. However, for this song, i decided to adopt the famous tune of Shri Girijakumar Mathur for the song Ham Honge Kamyaab, which in tern was taken from the English song We Shall Overcome. There were 2 reasons for this. first being that it was a well-known tune, and therefore could appeal to even a lay person. The 2nd reason was that, in my childhood when I used to listen Ham Honge Kamiyab, i would feel extremely bad, as India was groping for success. But in these many decades, we have phenomenal progress in all walks of life. So now the same tune should celebrate our successes.” Shri Ravikiran, also known as the Mozart of India, and the inventor of the concept of Melharmony (which combines Indian melody with Western harmony) then decided to decorate the tune with the orchestration of various Indian and western instruments. In this orchestration, he created various melharmonic pieces for various artists, which makes the well-known tune refreshing. The use of this concept can be experienced even in song vocals, in the lines like “Ham Honge Kamyab Har Ek Din” and “Hum Badhenge Age, Chadhenge Aur Upar, Ham Khade Rahenge Sath Dharti Par.” Etc. The song was recorded at All India Radio Chennai and released on YouTube on the 4th of December, 2023. Shri Ravikiran said that another version of this song, to be sung by thousands of children, will be released soon.

Gist Of the Song

The song celebrates India’s various achievements, and expresses the vigour and confidence of young Indians to conquer the universe, using the path of truth and righteousness. the song starts with a firm declaration, “Hum Ho Gaye Safal, Ham Bane Vijeta” (we are successful, we won). The 1st stanza concludes by declaring the fact that we Indians always believe in truth, and therefore will be successful every day. Here it should be understood that, being successful means becoming a little better every day, at one’s chosen craft, through sincere hard work.
The 2nd stanza starts with the words, “Mantra Sar Padh Ke, Mangal Yan Kar Ke, Chandra Ko bhi Jeet Ke Dikha Diya Ham Ne” In these words, reference is made towards our Vedas and Upanishads, which are treasure troves of knowledge, studying which, we have tasted great successes like Mangal Yan and Chandra Yan 3, without resorting to any Tantrik practises, or begging. This is a tight slap to those who believe that India is the land of snake charmers, or a third-world country, incapable of developing in terms of material well-being.

The final stanza talks about India’s ambition to become a world leader (Vishva Guru), by following the path of justice, and righteousness, and not by engaging in wars. The song also talks about preserving national unity, thereby warning the forces which try to break India, on account of its various diversities.

Enjoy the song featured here!
Bhushan Toshniwal is a National Level Singer of Hindustani and Carnatic Classical and Semi-classical Music and a Motivational Speaker performing all over India. He is a graded artist of All-India Radio and Doordarshan. Has come first all over India in Sangeet Alankar all over India.
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