Jagadanandakaraka – Nattai – Thyagaraja

Learn the Nattai Pancharatna krithi, Jagadanandakaraka, composition of Thyagaraja, taught by Sangita Kalanidhi Shri Chitravina N Ravikiran.




The Pancharatna Krithis’ are the most popular krithis composed by Sri Saint Thyagaraja Swamy. The structure is similar to Oothukadu Venkata kavi’s Saptaratna Krithis,comprises of Pallavi Anupallavi and charana swarams with its sahityams.They were written in Praise of lord Rama in the Ragas Nattai, Gowla, Arabhi, Varali and Sree ragam. These krithis are made from ‘ghana ragas’, they are called so because they are suited for ‘tanam’ or ‘Madhyakalam’ and these ragams lend themselves to eloborate improvisations.

Jagadanandakaraka is the first ghana raga pancharatna krithi in Nattai Raga. This Krithi is the best example of Thyagaraja’s proficiency in Sanskrit, whereas the others are in Telugu. The pallavi starts with ‘Jagadanandakaraka’. Nattai Raga has the usage of ‘dhaivatham’ of which Sri Thyagaraja Swamy has avoided in this krithi without losing the raga bhavam.

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