Laya is a vast and interesting subject in Carnatic Music. Go through these lessons ranging from simple to advanced and get a taste of this beautiful aspect of music.

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Laya, ,

  1. Laya Terms in Carnatic Music
  2. Lesson on 7&35 Tala System by Chitravina N Ravikiran
  3. Pancha Nadai Korvais
  4. Seamless Korvais – The Elegance of Numbers


Laya Exercises

  1. Chapu Formula – Exercise to strengthen Tala


The Art of Playing Mridangam By Sangeeta Kalanidhi Shri Trichy Sankaran




Tala Dasha Pranas by Chitravina Narasimhan,

  1. Importance of Laya in Music – Understanding Laya Part 2 – Shri Chitravina Narasimhan
  2. Marga Talas – Understanding Laya Part 3 – Shri Chitravina Narasimhan
  3. Origins of Laya Patterns – Understanding Laya Part 1 – Shri Chitravina N Narasimhan
  4. Suladi Sapta Talas, Chapus and Nadais – Understanding Laya Part 6 – Shri Chitravina Narasimhan
  5. Tala Dasha Pranas- Jati and Graham – Understanding Laya Part 7 – Shri Chitravina Narasimhan
  6. Tala Dasha Pranas- Kala, Laya, Yati and Prastharam – Understanding Laya Part 8 – Shri Chitravina Narasimhan
  7. Tala Dasha Pranas- Kalam and Margam – Understanding Laya Part 4 – Shri Chitravina Narasimhan
  8. Tala Dasha Pranas- Kriya and Angam – Understanding Laya Part 5 – Shri Chitravina Narasimha

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