Should the Guru also be a top performer for students to become performers?

Question from Student:
For  students to become performers in sabhas ,should the Guru also be a top performing musician in TV and sabhas?
Answered by Shri Chitravina N Ravikiran

A Guru Has to be First and Foremost knowledgeable in the art and he should be able to teach well. He should be able to give confidence and also be able to inspire the student. That’s  the primary responsibility of the guru.
But if he/she happens to be a performer, they’ll be able to give the student knowledge from performing perspective also. But this is not essential. It’s just a bonus.Some people go to gurus who are performers thinking that they’ll get opportunities in the sabhas if they are seen with these gurus- which is not always the fact.Each time the individual has to prove himself/ herself because, at best the guru can only open the door. The student has to walk through that and establish himself/herself very very well over a period of time.
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