Carnatic live classes

Intermediate Level

Instructor-led courses following the Perfecting Carnatic Music Level 2 Syllabus covering varnams, kritis, introduction to creativity and practical theory appropriate to the levels.

Additional Information

Please note
  • It is strongly recommended (though not mandatory)  that students complete the Perfecting Carnatic Music Level 1 portions outlined in the Preliminary Module before proceeding to Intermediate and Advanced Level sections. 
  • Courses include review sessions by the Director, Chitravina N Ravikiran.
  • Enroll in a course based on your own assessment of your levels and capabilities. We will take your enrollment on faith and teach as per the standards required for that level. If  faculty deems that you require extra help/inputs, Acharyanet could arrange for extra classes at a prorated cost.
  • Appropriate assignments will be given to enable development of the student’s musical intuition.
  • Even if a course includes material that you have already learned elsewhere, refinements, voice techniques/ exercises and key information pertaining to the ragas will be taught which will help you learn more advanced compositions in them easily. 
Enrollment & Payments Made Simple to help you Start Learning Right Away!
  • Pricing is by region.
  • Registration & Fees: Secure Online Credit Card (no information will be stored by Acharyanet). We use STRIPE and Razorpay for secure processing of payments.
  • Enrolment is based on self-assessment of your needs, levels and capabilities. If at any time, faculty or you deem that you require extra help/inputs, Acharyanet can arrange for extra classes at appropriate costs.
  • Enrollment is also open to students who face challenges due to time zones or time constraints and wish to gain access to the recorded sessions of the course instead of the live sessions. Students may record the sessions at their end.
  • Confirmation: Upon enrollment, you will receive an email and phone call from us to help orient you for the classes.
The classes will include the following:
  • Platform: Zoom/Skype or equivalent video conference.
  • Schedule: The course coordinator will help students get started with schedules, learning materials and faculty assignments.
  • Duration: Each session will be anywhere from 35 – 50 minutes based on the content to be covered.
  • Classes will be conducted in a group or individual setting based on enrollments and levels.
  • Course timings may be changed based on travel schedules of faculty but adequate notice will be given to everyone.
  • Students are welcome to record their classes but strictly prohibited from sharing it with anyone else.
Carnatic Music Exams and Certifications
Those interested in testing your skills and getting certified, kindly refer to Carnatic Music Exams and Certifications. These are not, however mandatory.
Self- Study Courses
Please check out our wide-range of video lessons on Acharyanet from basics to advanced for self-study at your own pace. More than 400 lessons are accessible for learning anytime, anywhere for a nominal subscription fee.
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