Techniques For Playing Akarams And Compositions On The Chitravina

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Sangita Kalanidhi Chitravina N Ravikiran talks about the essential techniques of playing the fretless slide instrument, popularly known as the Chitravina. In this video, he explains the techniques for playing akaram phrases and compositions. One has to first master the technique of playing akarams or slurred phrases on the chitravina to be able to handle compositions in which lyrics span across multiple notes. 

A good plucking technique is needed to ensure long sustenance of tones. Shri Ravikiran demonstrates this on the chitravina with the example of the sarali varisais. Practice slowly with patience and perseverance so that sustained tone increases gradually with more number of notes. Practice all the varisais and alankarams from start to end without stopping. 

Akaram practice can also be done on the chitravina. The technique of plucking for voiced consonants in lyrics of compositions like geethams, varnams, krithis and padams are demonstrated by Shri Ravikiran. As the lyrics are spread over larger number of notes in more challenging compositions, the required skill level also increases. Its important to start slowly and practice with smaller compositions and build the skill level patiently without rushing into advanced compositions.
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