108 Divya Desha Gaanamrtam 72 Mela Raga Mala Masterclass - Part 3

Part 3 of the 108 Divya Desha Gaanamrtam 72 Mela Raga Mala  Masterclass will be conducted by Sangeet Samrat Chitravina N Ravikiran on Jan 15th,2023 @ 8 pm IST . This is a golden opportunity for students to learn directly from the composer. 

Date:  Jan 15th, 2023 @8:00 - 9:30 pm IST via Zoom (Participants can obtain access to recordings of Parts 1 & 2 by contacting us)

This session is now over. Click on the register button below to see details and gain access to the recordings of the 5 songs taught in this session.


  • Learn select compositions from this sublime Divya Desham Set.
  • Explore the aesthetics of the 72 Melakartas including vivadi ragas.
  • Improve your skills in popular as well as rare janya ragas & talas.
  • Recordings will be provided to all participants, even those who cannot attend the Live.
  • Acharyanet Yearly Subscription members can avail of a 10% discount. Contact us for the promo code.


Ensemble opportunities will be provided for those who perfect these compositions to perform in prestigious festivals such as Cleveland Tyagaraja Festival  (April 10th, 2023) ,   Indian Fine Arts Fest, San Diego (Apr 2nd ,2023) . Click here to join.

Click here to see the performance by the Acharyanet Classical Ensemble (ACE)  for the Dec 2022 Chennai Margazhi Festival for Gayatri Fine Arts Global. 

*Ensemble training will include minimum 4 revisions and one live rehearsal. 

Contact Us - WhatsApp: +91-7259240932 | Email: support@acharyanet.com

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