Cleveland Tyagaraja Festival 2024

Sangeet Samrat Shri Chitravina N Ravikiran's 
Dashavatara Ratna Mala

North American Melodic Ensemble (NAME)
with Handpicked Dancers





SciArt Services is excited to announce details about the Chitravina N Ravikiran's Dashavatara Ratna Mala Masterclass on Dec 2nd & 3rd with our online partner, In addition to the Masterclass, the entire set of krtis will be presented by the North American Melodic Ensemble (NAME) in the Cleveland Tyagaraja Festival on April 15th, 2024. You can choose to register for just the masterclass or also participate in the Cleveland festival.

Learn directly from the composer himself, all the pieces on the 10 manifestations of Lord Vishnu in ragas such as Kokilavarali, Kutoohalam and Kapinarayani in Tamil & Sanskrit, created by him during an inspired phase within 3-4 days in July 2023. BONUS: Ravikiran’s unique Dashavatara Pancha Bhasha Pancha Raga Malika in Sanskrit, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi & Tamil created in 1997.

The ensemble will include top performers and concert artists. Participants all over the globe can register for the workshop, and recordings will be sent if you are unable to attend.

Eligibility to apply: 

  • Talented vocalists, instrumentalists & percussionists from 7-75
  • A minimum repertoire of 7 varnams/krtis
  • Tonal purity, diligence to details and commitment to excellence

Registration includes:

  • Instructional videos & lyrics
  • Online training sessions by direct disciples of the composer - Anahita Ravindran, Apoorva Ravindran & Vanitha Suresh PLUS one online rehearsal & live rehearsal by the Composer
  • Please see the flyer below for rehearsal schedules and other details.
  • Concert coordination and presentation - Vanitha Suresh
  • Each participant - including melody and percussion instrumentalists - will also be informed about the specific sections/lines in the song that they will need to focus on for the concert. This is to ensure the highest quality and also to make the concert more colorful - as opposed to typical group concerts where everyone tries to render everything.
  • Discounts: If you require financial assistance, please contact us

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