Swati Tirunal Navaratri Krtis

By Sangeet Samrat Chitravina N Ravikiran & Dr. N J Nandini

Masterclass conducted by Renowned Gurus Sangeet Samrat Chitravina N Ravikiran & Dr. N J Nandini. 

This Event is over. Registration is still open for those who want to access the video recordings of this session.

Students will have a unique opportunity to learn authentic versions of the Maharaja's Masterpiece from experts. 

  • Date & Time -  Mar 16, 17, 23 & 24th 7:30 PM IST 
  • Join for all 4 sessions or individual sessions.
  • Online Interactive Zoom Sessions.
  • Students unable to attend the live session may also register. All participants will have access to the recorded session in both audio and video.
  • For registration and fee details, please click the registration button below.
  • Acharyanet Yearly Members can avail 10% Discount for this session. Whatsapp +91-8025954508 for the coupon code. 
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