Top 10 Carnatic Music Singers – Let’s Learn Something About Them

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K. J. Yesudas: Born in 1940 in a catholic family, K. J. Yesudas trained in Carnatic music. His father was a prominent Malayalam singer and actor. Following the footsteps of his father, Yesudas became a playback singer. He was frowned upon as a catholic Carnatic singer when he started his career. But, his various national honours and Filmfare awards silenced his critics. He recorded over 80000 songs in various Indian languages.
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T. V. Gopalakrishnan: T. V. Gopalakrishnan (TVG) was born in 1932 in Tripunithura into a family with a musical background for two generations. TVG made a successful debut on stage at the age of only 4 years. He belongs to the limited numbers of Carnatic vocalists who also play instruments. He has performed in various international tours with legendry singers and musicians.
NeyveliSanthanagopalan: Being a popular form of music in India and worldwide, there is a relatively long Carnatic singers list. Yet, only Nayvelican maintain the purest form of “Raag” and “Sur”. He is currently a musical program anchor at Jaya TV. Recipient of various accolades worldwide, he also utilizes his art and skill for various humanitarian causes.
V.Sankaranarayanan – Born in 1945 in Tamil Nadu, T.V.Sankaranarayanan started his music lessons from his uncle in his childhood only. His specialty is to effortlessly reach upper notes of music. He gave his first stage performance as a Carnatic classical singer when he was 23 years of age.
S.R.Janakiraman: S. R. Janakiraman was born in Tamil Nadu in the year 1928. He isa recipient of Sangita Kala Acharya and various other prestigious awards. He holds numerous publications, papers, and presentations to his credit. He is also a Musicologist.
Krishnamoorthy: Krishnamoorthy was born in the pre-independence era in 1927. That makes him the most senior on our list. Krishnamoorthy served as dean and principle of various prestigious music collages. He was one of the finest performers of his time. We lost this legendry singer in 2014.
N.Seshagopalan: T. N. Seshagopalan was born in 1948 in Tamil Nadu.He did graduation in both music and Science, a rare combination. He was also proficient in Veena and Harmonium. T. N. Seshagopalanwas the cultural ambassador of India to Russia. He is remembered for his unique style of performing “Harikatha”.
Aruna Sairam: Aruna Sairam is one of the finest Carnatic female singers.Aruna started receiving her singing training from her mother since her childhood. She is thefirst Carnatic musician who performed on BBC, London. She won her first gold medal in a music competition when she was 8 years old. She received various global awards and National honors. She is a visiting faculty in Germany.
Bombay Sisters: C. Saroja and C. Lalitha were born in Kerala and bought up in Mumbai. These sisters together created the most sought-after pair of Carnatic music vocalists.Theyperformed on various national and international platforms. Several honors and awards are bestowed on them. They promote a noble cause of encouraging young musicians through scholarships.
Vedavalli: She was born in 1935 in Mannargudi, Tamil Nadu. She is one of the few females who received Sangeetha Kalanidhi. It’s an award, received by the best Carnatic singers worldwide. She served as a professor of music in various prestigious academies. Vedavalli is a trained Veena player with knowledge of multiple Indian languages.
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