Carnatic Advanced Special Creativity (improvisation/manodharma) Courses

Carnatic Advanced Special Creativity (improvisation/manodharma) Courses

Carnatic Advanced Special Creativity (improvisation/manodharma) Courses 

  • Click here to see a video preview from the session on Raga Anandabhairavi.

  • Periodicity: Weekly: Students can register for each week or for a certain number of weeks in advance, based on convenience.
  • These special weekly online courses by Sangeet Samrat Chitravina N Ravikiran are only open to students of Intermediate (at least 10 varnams+kritis combined) or Advanced levels (at least 40-50 varnam/krtis and familiar with manodharma basics).
  • One session will be held every week at 10:30 am Central Time, USA (9:00 pm, India) on Saturdays.
  • One or two ragas will be analysed over each session with specific tips on alapana including key & appropriate phrases, definitive endings, syllabalisation, akara techniques and kalpana swaras voice/instrumental techniques.
  •  In the case of ghana ragas/rakti/other important ragas (like Shankarabharanam, Todi, Kalyani, Kambhodhi etc/Sahana, Devagandhari, Nayaki, Kedaragowla, Yadukulakambhodhi etc/Keeravani/Shanmukhapriya/Vachaspati/Latangi etc), the same raga may be covered in extra sessions.
  • Duration: Between 45-70 minutes based on musical flow.
  • Check out past recordings here.

Please contact us through the ‘Need Help’ chat window on this page for any questions.

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